Hey, I'm Greg

I enjoy being the scientist and engineer of my own life.  I like tinkering and adventures.  I find meaningful places to inhabit in the world through the application of a simple 3-step system: explore, focus, create.


If you also like to strive for paradox without contradiction, it'd be dope if you kept exploring my site; maybe we can nerd out and get all meta sometime.

A Brief HisStory

Cape Cod, Massachusetts â›ĩ
Dayton, Ohio 🛩ī¸
San Francisco, California đŸ’ģ


‘06-’11: Mechanical 🛠ī¸

  • Environmental, Design đŸŒŗđŸĻ‹


‘11-’14: Materials đŸ”Ŧ

  • Defense, Manufacturing 🛡ī¸đŸ­


‘14-’19: Optimization đŸĨ

  • ML/AI, Consulting 🤖📃


‘20+: Entrepreneurship 👨‍đŸ’ģ

  • Product, Startups 🌐đŸĻ„